Gurupoornima is celebrated to mark the birthday of sage Vyasa. This day is auspicious for every student as we pay our respect to our gurus. In our school, we celebrated Gurupoornima and Mathrupooja on August 3, 2019. Swami Amritakripananda Puri presided over the function.

The ceremony was held in the prayer hall where all the students were seated with their parents for the pooja. Swamiji performed pooja at the lotus feet of Amma, and the lighted lamp was passed around to light the parents’ lamps as well. The prayer hall resonated with the chanting of Amma’s ashtotharam. Swamiji gave directions to the students for performing the pooja. The whole atmosphere was filled with the positive vibrations of prayers. After the Mathrupooja, Swamiji sang Amma’s bhajans, and the session ended with satsang and the distribution of prasadam to all the students, parents and staff.