The environment is the greatest concern of the present time. Our primary aim is to conserve it in a manner which would preserve it for the present as well as future generations. Our school observed Environment Day in a grand manner by extending it to one week of celebrations from June 6th to June 14th for creating awareness among our students about the conservation of Nature. Our Principal and teachers conducted awareness classes for the students, and one activity for each day was planned to be carried out on campus as part of the celebration.

June 6th – We planted saplings in and around our school. The highlight of the day was the planting of a Rudraksha sapling on our school campus. Rudraksha has a special significance in Hindu mythology due to its connection with Lord Shiva. It is believed to help in controlling the ill-effects of malefic planetary and celestial energy.

June 7thVrikshapooja was done at our campus.

June 10th and 11th – Bird feeding was planned and executed. Small bowls of coconut shells were filled with grains and water and placed on branches of trees and other places where birds would come to feed.

June 12thGomatha Pooja was carried out.

June 13th – Planting of saplings in and around the school campus.

June 14th – Various competitions were conducted for all the students. The aim of these competitions was to make them aware of the need to conserve Nature. The various competitions that we conducted were:

Classes XI and XII – Extempore on the topic, Sustainable Development, Consumption and Production

Classes IX and X – Slogan and Emblem Designing

Classes VII and VIII – Poster Making based on the Environment

Classes V and VI – Collage on Environment Conservation

Classes III and IV – Leaf Collage

Classes I and II – Scenery Colouring