Mathrubhumi Seed Haritha Vidyalayam Awards

Our school bagged the First position in Mathrubhumi Seed Haritha Vidyalayam Awards for the academic year 2017-18 under the Thalassery Educational District. Our students and staff participated whole-heartedly in various activities related to serving Nature and humanity.

We conducted classes on water conservation where students were taught the basics of saving water such as opening the tap only a little so as to not waste excess water. Energy conservation was another programme wherein students started working on saving electricity at home. Students practiced “saving electricity” to such an extent that the savings thus made by them were reflected in the electricity bills brought by them.

Nattu Mavin Chuvattil’ was another project where students became familiar with different varieties of mango trees. Students researched the names of various mango trees and shared the information with others. Cultivating a variety of crops and vegetation was also part of the project. Ecological diversity in vegetation was brought about through rearing cattle and growing various plants and flowers with butterflies flying around in the campus.

A cleanliness programme which included campaign on pollution free society, saying ‘No’ to plastic, etc. was also part of our project. Students and staff were asked to collect plastic from their homes, clean it and bring it to school. It was collected by the teacher in-charge and later send for shredding.

Various projects under the scheme of Amritam included collecting pidiyari from everyone at school once a week and donating it to the needy. Charity boxes were also kept and the money collected was handed over to the needy and poor. Birthdays of parents and teachers were celebrated by wishing the teachers in the morning assembly and giving birthday cards to parents. Spiritual classes were also conducted by Swamiji to enlighten our students and staff.


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