MATHRUPOOJA – 20-07-2016

On the 20th of July, we conducted Mathrupooja at our school as a part of Gurupoornima. This is the day when our students devote themselves to their mothers, showing their love and respect by performing pooja at their feet.

On this day, we were blessed with the presence of Swami Amritakripananda Puri and his team. Students along with their parents (mother/ father/ grandparent) were seated in the prayer hall equipped with articles required for performing the pooja. Swamiji started the ceremony with the chanting of prayer and performed Guru Pooja at the lotus feet of Amma. Later, he passed the sacred lamp to the parents, who lit their own lamps with it. The pooja started with chanting and Swamiji guided the proceedings. The pooja ended with the singing of bhajans and distribution of prasadam. All the students who participated experienced a feeling of self-contentment when they performed the pooja at their mothers’ feet.

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