Leaders have always been a part and parcel of our lives. Student leaders as well as adult leaders always take the rest of us in a better direction. On July 1, 2016, the Investiture Ceremony for our leaders was conducted at our school.

The function started with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp and prayer. The chosen student representatives were lined up in the order of school heads and house heads.

The Head Girl and Boy and the Deputy Head Girl and Boy were decorated with their sashes by our Principal and Vice Principal respectively. Afterwards, the House Captains and Vice Captains of the four houses, Amritamayi, Anandamayi, Chinmayi and Jyotirmayi, lined up on the stage. The respective House Mistresses and House Master decorated them with the house sashes. The student heads of the 4 houses were handed their house flags as well by the House teachers.

The elected student representatives are:

Head Girl                 – AKSHAY C.P.

Head Boy                 – PREMYA K.

Deputy Head Girl – VAIRAJ V.C.

Deputy Head Boy – SWETHA J.

Amritamayi Anandamayi Chinmayi Jyothirmayi
Girl House Captain Ashmika R. Aavani P. Meghasree Krishnapriya S.
Boy House Captain Arun A.P. Swaroop Kumar Sanjay K. Amrijith Soman
Girl House Vice Captain Athulya R. Fathimathul Reeshath Sreelakshmi A. Sneha Manoj
Boy House Vice Captain Vaishnav T.K. T.M. Akshay Gokul Prabhakaran Vaishnav Raveendran


After the flags were handed over, the ceremonial investiture oath taking was led by our Principal and repeated by the student heads. The student heads moved towards the flag post with their respective flags leading to the finale of the Investiture Ceremony.

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