Initiating One To One Interaction Platforms

Mahatma Gandhi wished to see a “Clean India” where people worked hand in hand to make the country clean. In schools, 38% of girls never use the school toilets. This programme encouraged the students to come up with their doubts about using toilets at school. Suggestions were given by teachers on how to use toilets in the most effective way.

Our school Scouts and Guides students and teachers ensure whether the toilets are in proper working condition and that timely maintenance is done by plumbers. A technician named Mr. Janardhan was invited to demonstrate how western style toilets work using a model. He shared information about the different models of western toilets and who invented them. He compared the old flush system with the new one and discussed the limitations of the old model. He elaborated on the parts of the flush system. Students were also given information about maintaining the flush system. At the end of the session, students clarified their doubts regarding this.

The school is conducting an exhibition in January where students will exhibit innovative latrine models to visitors. Swachhta monitors were also given duties to ensure that all the toilet areas are kept clean and in good repair. These activities were very informative, and provided a platform for spreading the message of good sanitation and hygiene to a greater mass.

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