World Space Week Celebration

Kuthuparamba, Oct 18 – 21, 2014

World space week is an international celebration in the field of Science and Technology conducted since 1999 that is organized and supported by the UN. As a part of World Space Week, our school organized a variety of events for the students of classes 6 to 12. This year the theme was ‘Space guiding your way’.

The Events were

  1. Essay writing competition for students of classes 8 to 12.

Topic: Space mission in the 20th Century.

11 students participated in the competition.

Prizes:     1st       AMAYA P K               XB

                  2nd       THUSHARA               VIII A

                  3rd       MEGHNA S               IX B

  1. Painting competition for students of classes 6 to 8.

Topic: Your vision about space.

Prizes:     1st       ISHA VIMSH             VII B

                  2nd       SARANG K                VII B

                              SRIRAJ S                    VII A

                  3rd       VAISHAK                   VI A

  1. Quiz competition for classes 9 to 10 which was conducted on 21st October.

 15 students participated in the competition.

Prizes      1st       VISHNU P M                                    X A

                  2nd       NIVEDA P VINOD               IX B

                  3rd       YADU KRISHNAN K K         X A

  1. Collage making was conducted as a group activity for classes 6 to 10.

Topic: Contribution of Indian Space Research agency to science.

Prizes:     1st       ANAGHA KRISHNAN          VII B

                              ANJALI                                   VII B

                              ASWATHI                              VII B

                              CHAITHANYA                       VII B

                              SWATHI                                VII B

                  2nd       ANJU                                      VII B

                              ADWAITHA                          VII B

                              AKSHAYA                              VII B

                  3rd       GOUTHAM KRISHNA         VI B

                              SANJAY ANAND                  VI B

                              AKASH                                   VI B

                              DHASAN VIJAYRAJ             VI B

The students were enthusiastic in expressing their ideas and knowledge of the infinite Space. It was a real treat for them to understand, experience and discuss about Space and its future opportunities.