Empowered Women at Kuthuparamba

Bhavitha and Jijina – two ordinary names, but far apart from their friends at Cheruvanchery.  Both are representatives of the empowered women of modern India.

These two women from Cheruvanchery near Kuthuparamba work for the Agro Science Centre. They have proven through their hard work that if a woman believes in herself, she can indeed be the better half of man. Both have completed a course in Agriculture from Thalassery after the XII std. Now they are full fledged workers of the Agro Science Centre.

Our school got the opportunity to use their skills to clear the bushes around our building and make the campus clean. They say that in spite of being mothers of young children, they find their work satisfactory. Even though a lot of risk is involved in their job, they do not have any regrets. All the equipment that they need for their job is given to them by the government.

Out of the 14 districts involved in Agro Servicing, the centre at Cheruvanchery has been identified as the best for their earnest work. They feel that all women should get involved in such projects.

These ladies are involved in making terrace farms. They work as transplanters, till the land using machines, are good at plucking coconuts and arecanuts from trees and are proud of the fact that they have done more than 200 ‘Mazha Mara’ krishi projects at Cheruvanchery.

Hats off to these empowered women!