Bala Sabha Crime Mapping Seminar

On the 16th of October, 2014, a small group of selected students (9th, 10th & 12th) and staff from our school attended a seminar on Crime Mapping conducted by Bala Sabha at the Kuthuparamba Town Hall.

The morning session of the programme started with a welcome speech by Pothumaramath Standing Committee Chairman. It was followed by a seminar on ‘Atrocities towards women and children’ by the Vice President of Bala Sabha. The audience was also shown a short animated film, ‘Komalam’, in which a 9 year old girl was being tortured by her father’s friend who was later arrested with the help of Child Life helpers. This movie was shown in order to generate awareness about the perils of today’s fast changing society. Later, students were divided into groups based on their age, and were given questionnaires to answer regarding their personality and social behavior.

The afternoon session of the seminar was for teachers, with an interactive session about good habits, mood swings in students, addiction to drugs, addiction to the internet, over usage of mobile phones, dress code of teenagers, etc.

The seminar ended with the teachers suggesting certain measures to escape from such situations, and the organizers too put forward some of their suggestions regarding this topic.