‘Swachh Bharat’ Campaign

Kuthuparamba, 16-17 October 2014

We, at our school have taken up the Swachh Bharat Campaign by cleaning our school and surroundings.

As part of this, the 16th & 17th of Oct were chosen as cleaning days. The students from III std to XII std along with the staff of the school took part in it.

On the first day, students brought old clothes from their houses and cleaned their classrooms under the guidance of their class teachers. They cleaned fans, tube lights, window sills, blackboards and the floor. After that, they moved on to cleaning benches and desks and removing cobwebs.

On the second day, the surroundings of the school were cleaned. We cut the overgrown grass and bushes and put them to dry on one side of the ground. After it dried, it was burnt. The plastic waste was separated and sent for recycling.

The effort put forth by the students and staff was worth appreciating.

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